The 5 Best Crowdfunding Websites


The 5 Best Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding has become a key revenue stream for thousands of young, innovative businesses and organisations.

Here are the 5 best crowdfunding websites in our opinion.

Crowdfunding Model

The main models of crowdfunding is what’s called donation-based funding. Crowdfunding was born by this model, where funders donate via a goal based process in return for products or rewards.

Crowdfunding Sites To Choose From

There are many different crowdfunding websites with different themes.

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a site where creative projects raise donation-based funding. These projects can range from new creative products, like an art installation, to a cool watch, to pre-selling a music album. It’s not for businesses, causes, charities, or personal financing needs. Kickstarter is one of the earlier platforms, and has experienced strong growth and many break-out large campaigns in the last few years.

2. Indiegogo

While Kickstarter maintains a tighter focus and curates the creative projects approved on its site, Indiegogo approves donation-based fundraising campaigns for most anything — music, hobbyists, personal finance needs, charities and whatever else you could think of (except investment). They have had international growth because of their flexibility, broad approach and their early start in the industry.

3. Crowdfunder is the platform for raising investment (not rewards), and has a one of the largest and fastest growing network of investors. It was recently featured on Fox News as the new breed of crowdfunding due to the story about a $2 Billion exit of a crowdfunded company. After getting rewards-based funding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, companies are often giving the crowd the opportunity to invest at Crowdfunder to raise more formal Seed & Series A rounds.

Crowdfunder offers equity crowdfunding currently only from individuals + angels + VCs, and was a leading participant in the JOBS Act legislation.

4. RocketHub

Rockethub powers donation-based funding for a wide variety of creative projects.

What’s unique about RocketHub is their FuelPad and LaunchPad programs that help campaign owners and potential promotion and marketing partners connect and collaborate for the success of a campaign.

5. Fund My Page

Fund My Page is a new crowdfunding website designed to help social media pages take their online activity to the next-level by raising funds from their fans. What’s different about Fund My Page is that they give campaigners a lot of promotional support and provide them with free banners, videos and articles to boost their campaign.

Crowdfunding has helped fund many great ideas. 


Get involved and reach your dreams to do what you love, full-time.

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