Phasing out cassette services to help more blind and partially sighted people into the 21st Century

What we do

As a producer of audio magazines for the blind and partially sighted, we provide our publications to individuals and organizations in an accessible format most suited to their needs. Accessible formats include listening online via the website or Windows Phone, iOS and Android apps, SD cards, USB sticks and audio cassettes.

Our Aim

In the next few months  our aim is to phase out the cassette service which has become too costly and unreliable to produce. Cassettes are hard to find these days and cassette copiers can no longer be bought and thus require constant ongoing repairs. We would like to assist our members to easily transition over to a more appropriate digital format so that they can continue to receive the publications in a way that is easy to navigate. We also want to give our members the opportunity to provide spoken feedback, known as talkbacks, which are our equivalent to ‘letters to the editor’.

Why do it?

Members who require our assistance with transitioning to a digital format are often the most vulnerable and would be the most affected by the phasing out of the cassette service. As a charity working on behalf of our members, who are mostly on low incomes, we need your help! Please help us continue to reach more people with sight loss and in turn, provide access to valuable information and reduce social isolation.

What we need

We want to provide our members with a replacement digital player/recorder that has builtin accessibility in the form of speech prompts whilst maintaining an easy to use interface. The cost of such a device is approximately £50 to £75 each.

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