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Support our Geopolitical Reports

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KJ Reports

United Kingdom, Rochdale



After two years of hard work, we are now raising funds to further grow KJ Reports. We want to create more compelling research and political analyses, especially on the Muslim world. We believe that the greatest step for change in the Muslim World is with political education to empower the people with knowledge of their past, present and future. 

We present detailed reports that help people to understand the motivation of policymakers and states beyond the headlines. The content we have produced is well-researched, objective and backed with political evidence. All of this allows us to develop our understanding of the world around us at a time when the overload of information, fake news, media bias and most importantly, political propaganda can mislead people, taint your view and even create for you an imagined reality that affects the way you view the world.

The results have been incredible and we are pleased to share them with you;

  • We have had over 50 Million Minutes of watched content on YouTube
  • We have had over 40 Million Minutes of watched content on Facebook
  • We have produced 500 videos
  • We have a combined following of 500,000
  • We have grown our team of qualified geopolitical analysts of a very high calibre from different parts of the world.
  • We have collaborated with authors, YouTube channels and are in talk with more renowned authors to further develop our content.
  • We now have a full-time editor and rent a premises where we work in-house.

These are only some of the key achievements that have resulted in informing millions of people. KJ Vids has had over 90 million full minutes of watched content across YouTube and Facebook combined.

This year, we wish to further enhance the quality of our content and produce more research. We want to;

  • Hire full-time political analysts and experts
  • Develop more compelling explainer videos
  • Collaborate and hire authors
  • Explore in-depth policy solutions
  • Develop a Media/PR strategy with experts to get coverage in media.

To achieve our goals, we have launched this fundraiser which help us pay for professional graphic designers, video editors, writers, licenses and many other costs so we can not only keep KJ Vids alive but to further expand its reach and produce even better content.

Thanks for your support.

Kind Regards,
Kasim Javed
Founder and Director of KJ Reports

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  • 22nd May 2018 2:38 pm

    Thanks for your support so far, we have quite a bit to go!

  • 29th August 2018 11:11 pm

    Dear followers,

    We would like to sincerely thank you for all of your support.

    Thanks to your financial support, KJ Vids has been able to position itself as a serious YouTube channel by producing longer, ten minute explainer videos with a spokesperson.

    We have extended our crowdfunding campaign to £10,000 before the end of the year.

    Our aim is to grow our YouTube channel to 100,000 subscribers and Facebook Page to one million followers within 12 months.

    Your funds allow us to pay for the following;

    1) Subtitles
    2) Music licenses
    3) Image licenses
    4) Video footage licenses
    5) Subscriptions for magazines where we pursue research from
    6) Video editor
    7) Professional studio equipment
    8) Other miscellaneous costs

    Our next big goal is to save money to create a studio that will allow is to present KJ Vids in a different format. The studio will look like a warm, cosy room to connect better with our viewers.

    In addition to this, we want to buy licences for much more video footage that will massively improve the quality of our videos. For example if you visit each video clip costs £50! We want to get into a position where we can build a network of videographers around the world who will capture footage for us and also create original music. We also want to introduce different professional spokespeople that will create diversity in our content. All these are important factors in growing KJ Vids.

    We always welcome your suggestions, feedback and ideas. Please email us on if you have anything to say and we will respond to you swiftly.



Campaign by
KJ Reports

United Kingdom, Rochdale

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