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How do I create a campaign on Fund My Page?

How many campaigns can I launch at the same time?

Supported Countries on Fund My Page

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Can I end my campaign early?

How do I delete my campaign and account?

You may delete your campaign at anytime after the launch. Simply click on “Delete Project”

If you wish to close your account completely and remove your details of our platform, you may do so by requesting an account closure by emailing

When will I receive my payment?

When you receive funds for your campaign, you may collect them at anytime during the campaign.

When you are logged into your account, you can click “Collect Funds” in the backers tab of your campaign page.

As soon as you click “Collect Funds” the payments instantly land in your Stripe account minus the 8% payment and platform fees.

You must create a stripe account in order to use our platform. Stripe provides a safe and secure instant payment service which ensures you are always in control of your funds.

What are the Campaign Fees?

Fund My Page fees can be broken down into two types: a platform fee and payment processing fees.

Platform Fee:

Platform fees are used to help Fund My Page maintain the website as well as create promotional marketing material for our crowdfund campaigners. This allows us to work-hard in order to help you reach your crowdfunding dreams as well as ensure that we operate a safe and secure environment. We also have a 24/7 customer services team which allows everything to run smoothly and efficiently.

Fund My Page has a 5% platform fee.

Payment Processing Fees:

To process and handle payments on the platform we have to use independent payment providers who ensure that all payments are handled safely and securely. These payment fees are taken by our payment providers in order to use their service.

We use Stripe’s payment system who helps us manage the fee process. The fee is deducted from each donation in real-time, so you will not need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money. What you see in your account section is what you get.

Fund My Page has a 3% payment processing fee.

Please also note the following;

  • There are no fees to sign up or create campaigns.
  • All fees are deducted in real-time from donations.
  • The Amount Raised that is displayed on your campaign will always reflect the total amount of donations made before fees are deducted.
  • We will not charge you for additional marketing material we create to help promote your campaign.

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