Crowdfunding Platforms You Need to Know About


Crowdfunding Platforms You Need to Know About

Crowdfunding with its short history in the UK, has proven itself very popular. Launching successful campaigns through crowdfunding platforms. Good news is that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is the current investment trend as many successful products have been launched because of it. But all platforms are not created equal, you need the one that will work best for your desired outcome. In no particular order, here are the crowdfunding platforms in the UK, you need to know about.



An award-winning, leading investment crowdfunding platform, and one of the longest-established UK sites providing a variety of firms—from motor companies to pizza delivery firms, the opportunity to pitch for funding. Many of the businesses found on Crowdcube are established, and while successfully operating, are seeking investment to expand their footprint in a particular market.



Focus on listing entrepreneurial firms that focus on helping entrepreneurs gain their first seed capital. Angel investors and venture capitalists invest alongside friends, family and tribes of supporters.



Pitches itself with the aim of being the primary platform for the “discovery of social and community investment and funding opportunities, democratising social lending.” Its model enable individuals and organisations to help make positive impact on society and communities, while earning interest on their investments of projects, charities and social enterprises.



Supports initiatives within UK public and community spaces, places that can be freely accessed by the public. Examples of past projects include the rejuvenation of green spaces, sports facilities, playgrounds and town main streets.


Syndicate Room

A newer entrant to the crowdfunding space. Pitched as the UK’s only investor-led equity crowdfunding platform, a different model is offered. Listed are companies already backed by professional ‘business angels,’ who invest their own money and take an active role in evaluating the strength of the deal.


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