3 Ways You Can Monetise Your Social Media Page


3 Ways You Can Monetise Your Social Media Page

Thousands of social media creators face a problem. After spending hundreds of hours creating unique and amazing content, not a single pound has been generated in revenue to help cover the costs of time, licenses and all the other costs involved in producing that content. Here are five ways you can try to generate revenue streams in order to invest back into your social media activity;

1 – Launch a crowdfunding campaign

Perhaps the most easiest way to generate revenue for your social media page is to reach out to your fans. Every year millions of pounds are raised by crowdfunding platforms that have become important sources of finance.

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Fundmypage.com was created for the expressed purpose of enabling social media creators to create powerful crowdfunding campaigns. In less than 5 minutes, you can launch a campaign to appeal to your fans to help you take your social media page to the next level. Fund My Page is unique to other crowdfunding platforms as it is a purpose-built website for social media creators. You can run one-time campaigns or target-based campaigns that encourage your fans to pledge a certain amount for every time you reach a milestone. Once funds are raised, you can collect them instantly using the Stripe payment service.

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2- Sell Merchandise




















These days you can pickup cheap, branded merchandise on demand. Simply upload your logo to websites such as Awesome Merchandise and create product samples. You can then launch a shop on your Facebook page or website and try to sell the merchandise to your fans. If they have subscribed to your

page, the chances are they have subscribed to your values and mission. Reach out to your fans and let them help you create the perfect merchandise. For example, you can run polls and competitions to ascertain what your fans like and then sample some merchandise.

3- Monetise Your Videos

Monetise Videos

















Videos are undoubtedly the most popular form of social media marketing that captures the highest conversion rates. You can now run adverts in your videos on YouTube and Facebook. It doesn’t take much effort to enable the monetisation options and to begin running in-stream and pre-roll advertisements straight away.

These are just three ways you can immediately monetise your popular social media page.


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